AdTec builds custom websites and data driven internet applications requiring unique user interfaces

AdTec Marketing focus on the entire development lifecycle including design, graphics, content creation, SEO, and strong foundations of code ensuring security, usability, mobile responsiveness, and scalability.

Developing Custom Internet Application Solutions

What we do is not like the services that allow you to build your own website or businesses that offer solutions or websites built from templates. We are building truely unique applications, developed to your specifications, to address your specific needs.

If your software requirements are unique and simply do not exist out of the box, contact us. AdTec Marketing builds custom websites and can even develop internet applications designed to automate common processes for your business.


The question is... Static or Data-Driven
Yes, we do build custom internet applications (data-driven). Some are much more data-driven than others. Another way of explaining this is, a custom website may be intended to perform very specific things not available without sourcing a developer with very specialized skills. Does your website need to perform tasks beyond delivering information? If so, you may need to contact us.

Did You Know?

Originally, we developed software for server-side installations over 20 years ago. User-terminals could only access the application and data from within the network or local access points.

Today, AdTec offers custom application development, delivered in a secure internet environment. Our services include the development lifecycle of design, graphics, content creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and a strong foundation of code ensuring security, usability, mobile responsiveness, and scalability.

How our custom internet applications are used:
  • Business Websites
  • Direct Mail Response Websites
  • Organization Intranet Applications
  • Much More
We provide the following: